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Homeowners' Association Board Members


We have a great lineup of board members for the season volunteering their time to constantly improve our community. You can check out those members by clicking here. 

SID Website


Visit the our SID website by clicking here

Zebra Mussel Prevention


Let's continue to prevent Zebra Mussels here at Lake WaConDa by following these simple rules. State law states that if you take your boat into another lake, it is required that you do either of the following (both is unnecessary):


1. Hot water wash your boat


2. Let your boat dry out for 10-14 days prior to putting back it back in the lake


What are Zebra Mussels?  Check out this video for more info. How do I wash my boat to prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels? Check out this video for more info.

Attend a Homeowners' Association Meeting


Join us for our next Homeowners' Association Meeting! All meetings held the second Sunday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Cobb Community Center and the public is encouraged to attend.

More News & Events


For more news and events be sure to check us out on Facebook!

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