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Monthly Association Meetings

Lake WaConDa Association board meetings are open to the public and occur one Sunday a month at the Cobb Community Center. Members of the public are encouraged to attend.



Travel & Recreation

US Coast Guard Website

NE Game & Parks Website

NE Road Conditions

Trash Removal

Allied Refuse/Papillion Sanitation




OPPD, Louisville, 402-234-2455
Interruption, lines down, 800-554-6773


U.S. Postal Service
Union, NE 402-263-2130


Emergency Information

The Lake Waconda AED (Automated External Defibrillator) unit is located in the caretaker garage and is available 24/7. The unit is self explaining, that is once you turn it on it will verbally tell you what to do each step of the process. Anyone may use the unit but a list of people certified to use it and/or administer CPR while waiting for 911 to arrive is provided below and with the unit. Remember in any emergency to CALL 911 FIRST! 


AED Certified ResidentsClick here.


Cass County Sheriff: 402-296-9370


Crime-Stoppers: 800-527-3699


Lake WaConDa Caretaker: Jim Noerrlinger, 402-263-3265 Office


Safe Rooms & Community Shelters: Click here.


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